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Brad Cohen
Miles Thomas
Head of Marketing and Growth
Julian Ridden
Head of Product
Jyllian Marie Thibodeau
UI/UX & Product Design
Donovan Carthew
Senior Software Engineer & Technical Lead
Sudipta Prodhan
Software Engineer
Indunil Peramuna
Software Engineer
Erad Saar
Software Engineer
Oliver Schultz
Technical Support Officer
Nuwangi Kiriwaththuduwa
Quality Assurance Lead
Pratheepa Rajadurai
Quality Assurance
Warren Lodewyke
Sales Officer
Jannicke Climax
Customer Success Lead
Tharanga Gunawardana
Customer Success Officer
Andrea Meikle
Customer Success Officer
Krishanth Ratnavel
Customer Success Officer
Ruwan Opatha
Customer Success Officer
Thilini Dissanayake
Customer Success Officer
Shehara Ramanathan
Customer Success Officer
Mathavan Annakutty
Customer Success Officer

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