Online Safety with education expert Robyn Treyvaud
09 August, 2018
Online Safety with education expert Robyn Treyvaud

In collaboration with Robyn Treyvaud, an internationally recognised expert in online safety and digital citizenship, SkoolBag will be providing parents with regular updates and advice concerning all of the latest cyber safety risks, such as cyberbullying, social media safety tips, and how to manage screen time.

All of our articles are written by Head of Education at Wangle Family Insites, Robyn Treyvaud. Robyn has extensive experience and track record of accomplishment in educational leadership roles which have included: school leadership, parent education, professional development program design and facilitation, and e-learning and digital strategic planning preparation.

We also believe that families benefit from being educated about online risks, which is why we are committed to providing parents with current, evidence-informed content and world-leading advice.

Follow the link below for Part 1: Online Safety Part 1: Managing Your Child’s Screen Time

About Wangle Family Insites

Wangle Family Insites are dedicated to helping families stay safe online. Our revolutionary app is able to actively monitor network data and detect online threats as they arise, without giving parents access to their child’s private content. This helps to preserve parent-child trust, while still ensuring that parents are able to monitor their child’s online activities. If a threat is detected, an alert is sent to parents in real time. Alerts include leading information about the online risk, expert advice on how to respond, and details of where to go for more information.

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