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With Skoolbag it's simple, personal and fun for everyone.
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When everyone's on the same page, your community thrives

With a streamlined, central communication platform in hand, every school community thrives. Parents, school staff and students alike will enjoy the ease of a community connected – no more missing pieces of the puzzle, like lost forms and segmented information.

Convenient access to the school calendar, newsletter, documents and more ensure everyone stays in the loop and is empowered to join in! 

"I would like to say that your app and service is exceptional. It has been a roaring success here at my school; my school staff have access to send alerts, my P & C for their events and it is used frequently."
Trish Peters Kincumber Public School NSW

Instant updates keep schools safer for students

Using Skoolbag's robust push notifications and other messaging features, you've always got the information you need. Whether it's a rained out carnival day, a public health announcement or even a weather warning, everyone's on the same page. Clear communication is crucial to supporting students and keeping everyone safe!

“You may have heard that Wellington got blasted by a major storm last week with rail and bus services out etc. We used the skoolbag app to push notifications to parents about the storm and how it was affecting the school – very positive feedback from the parents.”
Clint Chalmers Lyall Bay School NZ

Additional Features

how skoolbag works

Convenient Digital Forms

Convenient digital forms allow a seamless transfer of information from parent to school. Parents can access forms anywhere, anytime, meaning less following up and less legwork for admin staff.
instant notifications

Instant Push Notifications

Update your community in seconds with simple push notifications. Whether it's a rainy carnival day or a public service announcement, everyone stays in the loop. 

School Newsletters

Hit send on easy bulk emails, with robust design and scheduling features. You'll have the latest school news delivered fresh to everyone's inbox in no time!

School Calendar Integration

Stay up to date with upcoming events with Skoolbag's native calendar. Seamless iCal integration ensures you'll never miss a personal or school event. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Skoolbag Cost for a school or organisation?

Pricing for education customers is charged to your school or organisation on a rate per student per year basis. See our pricing page for more information.

Is it easy to use?

Skoolbag has been created with all possible customers in mind. It is easy to use and doesn't require any specialist IT knowledge. Thousands of schools can’t be wrong!

Does it cost extra to send instant messages?

There is no extra cost, or a cost per message sent. You can send unlimited messages which are all included in the one annual fee subscription.

What type of content can be added to Skoolbag?

You can add all types of content to your app, video links, web links, documents, images, there's no limit to the content that you can add to your app.