NAPLAN Explorer

Unlocking NAPLAN's hidden data

NAPLAN Explorer is the student performance platform that equips your teachers with actionable insights to help students reach their true potential


Automated algorithms and predictive analytics crunch your NAPLAN data to deliver personalised insights

With Naplan Explorer you can:

  • Visualise data-informed insights into school and cohort performance
  • Identify longitudinal learning gaps and opportunities across cohorts
  • Discover skills by domain, showing where students need the most support
  • Access predictive analytics to predict student success


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Naplan Explorer is Powered by Literatu and Microsoft Azure

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Uncover important insights hidden in NAPLAN and diagnostic data

  • Skill gaps are clearly presented in a simple metaphor: “Big Bubbles = Big Troubles”. Immediately you know exactly where students need the most help.
  • Insights highlight cross-disciplinary skills that maximise learning impact across related curriculum areas.

Look into the future and build pro-active strategies

  • Predictive analytics give you instant access to each student’s potential growth.
  • Interactive dashboards flag at-risk skill gaps so you can target teaching and build on positive strategies.

Ready to explore your school’s insights?


Drill into student data with instant insights across cohorts, classes and students

  • NAPLAN Explorer arranges thousands of data points into easy to understand visualisations and insights.
  • Nothing is more exciting than having actionable insights into skill strengths and gaps to help you improve student success.

Learn from longitudinal data to truly personalise learning

  • Every student is unique. Comparing longitudinal diagnostic assessments lets you see exactly how.
  • Detailed results aggregated over years provide evidence to guide teacher intuition.
  • Data-inspired insights lead to ongoing improvements in teaching and learning.

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

1. Start exploring in seconds

Alleviate administrative requirements with nothing to download or install. Once you've signed up, you will be able to explore the platform immediately. So simple to use, you won’t need our help. If you do, our customer support team is always available.

2. Easily upload your NAPLAN results

As easy as updating your social media profile picture, quickly upload your NAPLAN results and you’re underway! NAPLAN Explorer transforms raw NAPLAN data into actionable insights for every teacher.

3. Empower student growth

Schools, teachers and students thrive in a proactive, data-informed environment. NAPLAN explorer helps teachers understand where they can make the biggest difference to student learning outcomes.


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