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Build partnerships with parents through communication that resonates

School Leaders

Engage the whole community through a single, streamlined school portal

Admin Staff

Empower your admin team with paper-free, time-saving tools, that'll keep everyone in the loop.

Effective communication made easy

The days of double handling documents and chasing up paper trails are behind us. Skoolbag’s suite of mobile and desktop apps for school offer a more effective way to manage school life, engaging parents and empowering a school community. 


Fast information flow for communication that resonates

Flexible features transform your school portal into the perfect digital home, enabling paper-free and more efficient processes. The central platform allows parents and teachers alike to share anything from timely news to important documents. With faster information flow, your community thrives. 

Password Protected Content

Ensure information always reaches the right people, with password protection. You can publish content for specific groups, such as a class, year group or sports team. 

SMS And Email Reply Options

SMS and email reply options allow parents to comment on specific content, whether to RSVP for an event or join the conversation.

Embedded Maps

Lead the way with embedded maps for every event and excursion. School staff can now embed maps in any content entry and allow convenient access to GPS directions.

School Calendar Integration

Stay up to date with upcoming events using Skoolbag's native calendar. Seamless iCal integration ensures you'll never miss a personal or school event. 

School Events Calendar

Stay up to date with upcoming events using Skoolbag's native calendar. Seamless iCal integration ensures you'll never miss a personal or school event.

Email Newsletters

Stay in the loop with the latest school events and updates delivered straight into your inbox. Regular email newsletters will keep the essentials on your radar!

Accessible Documentation

The convenient parent portal offers easy access to documents published by the school, such as newsletters, forms, online payments, notes, permission slips, Annual Reports and more.

Absentee Note eForm

Take the stress out of sick day with simple digital absentee forms. Update the school on details of your child's abscence in a quick and convenient way.

Embedded Maps

Never lose sight of the way with easy to use embedded maps. Access GPS directions through embedded maps offered for all events and excursions.

Instant Push Notifications

When emergencies or other urgent events occur, simple push notifications will bring the information straight to the palm of your hand - right when you need it most.

Free Training and Support

Every school receives an initial training session and ongoing support for free.

Keyword Search

You can now search for content using the Keyword search tool, making it even easier to find what you are looking for.

Custom eForm Builder

Your school can create their own unlimited in-app forms for parents or students to complete. The forms can include payment and signatures (sign right on the app!) as required. These can be used for surveys, registrations, order forms, permission notes, payments, anything you can think of.

Custom Content

Create your own custom content categories published right to your Skoolbag in real-time. Skoolbag is not limited to a standard set of content, and any content added can also be pushed as an alert, right to the parent's phone.

Website Integration

View Skoolbag content directly on your website via the Skoolbag App Communication Centre website plugin, or you can use your free and feature rich Skoolbag website for the completely seamless solution.

Photo Gallery

Multiple photos can now be added to any content entry showing as a "slide your finder show" on your Skoolbag.

Change of details eForm

Now includes embedded change of details eForm enabling parents/students to submit changes to their contact details back to the school.

Unlocking NAPLAN's hidden data

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