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Your Own Look & Feel

With a streamlined, central communication platform in hand, every community thrives. Staff, customers, members, parents alike will enjoy the ease of a community connected – no more missing pieces of the puzzle.

This gives members and staff convenient access to all last minute changes, promotions, deals, calendar of events, newsletters, documents and more ensure all stored in one centralised location means everyone stays in the loop and is empowered to join in! 

Sportsbag's App has been a revelation for our swimming club. All training notices, club night changes are sent out to everyone instantly. We used to have a lot of issues with members not receiving emails but the App has fixed that. I use my mobile to send quick push alerts on the spot so saves me time and worry.”
Chris Rocky City Swimming Club

Reduce admin time

An informed community is a stronger community! Use your very own mobile app as a digital noticeboard to automate customer service, store important information and send push notifications to members about any last minute changes.

We have improved our communication and member satisfaction significantly since introducing the Sportsbag app. The feedback from our members has been amazing and the engagement on race nights incredible. The eforms function has seen us made huge efficiencies in sign on for race meetings. The quick alert option is great for all those last minute weather changes that occur."
Michael Bailey Southlake Illawarra BMX Club

Additional Features

Convenient Digital Forms

Convenient digital forms allow a seamless transfer of information from your club to all members and customers. Anyone can access forms anywhere, anytime, meaning less following up and less legwork for admin staff.

Instant Push Notifications

Update your community in seconds with simple push notifications. Whether it's a rainy carnival day or a public service announcement, everyone stays in the loop.


Hit send on easy bulk emails, with robust design and scheduling features. You'll have the latest school news delivered fresh to everyone's inbox in no time

Calendar Integration

Stay up to date with upcoming events with Skoolbag's native calendar. Seamless iCal integration ensures you'll never miss a personal or school event. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Sportsbag cost?

Please call 1300 661 031 for pricing enquiries.

Is it easy to use?

Sportsbag has been created with all possible customers in mind. It is easy to use and doesn't require any specialist IT knowledge. 

Does it cost extra to send instant messages?

There is no extra cost, or a cost per message sent. You can send unlimited messages which are all included in the one annual fee subscription.

What type of content can be added to Sportsbag?

You can add all types of content to your app, video links, web links, documents, images, there's no limit to the content that you can add to your app.